BowdupLoaders™ / Ranger 900/570/1000 Fullsize

Ranger 900/570/1000 Fullsize

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Fits Polaris Ranger 900 and 570 Fullsize


UTV Game Loader– The “W” series loader utilizes a wiring harness (included) to attach to the UTVs battery system. Basic electrical skills are required. Mount the controllers, route the harness and secure in place as defined in the photo instructions, install the restraint cable parallel to the beds pneumatic cylinder, tilt the bed up and lock on the loader assembly in place. Connect to the UTVs battery system and you are ready to operate.

  • Fits Polaris Ranger 900, 1000 and 570 Fullsize
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Weight 46 lbs

3 reviews for Ranger 900/570/1000 Fullsize

  1. Clif Frazier

    I have used the Bowduploader on my Polaris Ranger 900 to load anything from big 240lb. deer to stumps in the yard. It works flawlessly every time. This is actually my 2nd bowduploader. The first was on my 800 Polaris Ranger. The design and quality is first class not to mention saving your back. You can load 350lbs. with the push of a button in a matter of seconds. The initial install only took about 15 minutes after that its a simple as hooking it on and plugging in 1 plug. I would definetly recommend this product to anyone who uses their ranger for work or hunting.

  2. Erns Snyder

    I have spinal stenosis and the loader made the hunting season much easier. Great idea you have come up with.

  3. Doug Potts

    Want to tell you what a great product the Bowduploader is. I bought one for my Polaris Ranger and it is without question, one of the best investments i’ve made. This loader is awesome. I purchased mine back in September before the Texas hunting season started and have used it to load 3 deer and 3 wild hogs to this date. The biggest job was loading a 275 pound wild hog last weekend by myself. this loader setup loaded the hog with ease. My son loves it as much as I do. My son is serving in the ARMY and doesn’t get home as much anymore so when he came home one weekend back in September he helped me install it. We loved the father -son time together doing things like the installation of this bowduploader not to mention hunting together. Installation was a breeze and took us maybe 30-45 minutes at the most. When my son isn’t with me I can load these deer and hogs by myself using your well thought out product. Just want to say thanks again for an absolutely awesome product. Sincerely, Doug Potts

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